wake up! GIFT SET

Wake up! gets your head back in the game: Do you often find yourself at your desk or on-the-go unable to solve the simplest problem or focus on what is right in front of you? Do you worry that you won’t be able to stay on top of your workload, meet that deadline or manage your daily to-do list because of mental fatigue? Complex multi-tasking, long hours at the computer, sinus congestion, allergies, lack of or poor sleep, lack of exercise, collapsed posture or just plain mental burnout can make your brain feel like it is packed in cotton, commonly called “Brain Fog.” The need for greater mental acuity and stamina is the most common request H. Gillerman Organics’ founder/holistic wellness practitioner, Hope Gillerman, hears from her clientele. To address this concern, Hope recommends keeping Clear Mind Tension Remedy and Pure Breathing Sinus Remedy on your person at all times. Drop this sleekly-packed, naturally-milled leather, mini-zip-pouch in your tote, purse, or briefcase (with extra room for your favorite, natural, all- in-one balm) and you are set to go!


Includes full-size, 8mL remedy dropper bottles:  pure breathing SINUS REMEDYclear mind TENSION REMEDY in your soft leather Baggu zip-bag – NOTE: summer/fall color is BONE. Also enclosed is the Hope Gillerman Method  wellness poster. (Value $132)


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