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• Alexander Technique, certified practitioner  
• Aromatherapy & Movement expert 
• Founder H. Gillerman Organics® 



Self-healing, self-care and the organic life have been important to me since I was young dancer. More than ever, I believe we need a holistic and organic approach to change that supports and inspires us. I want to hear how I can help YOU improve your health and wellbeing without it feeling like a chore. I want your self-care to feel sensual, luxurious, safe and with tangible results! I would like to help you figure out what is getting in your way. I invite you to try my online coaching sessions to learn ways to get the most from essential oils. And I am now offering Alexander Technique sessions on line and in-person as well.

I look forward to talking with you on a call. Stay healthy! - Hope




"I believe that our own self-care must be linked to protection against the degradation of our natural resources through conservation, re+up-cycling and organic farming. My choice to use ONLY certified organic essential oils and plant botanicals is backed by their superior potency and aroma! "  Hope Gillerman





My life's work as a dancer/choregrapher was just beginning when I arrived in New York City in 1976. Immediately, my career was hit broadside by my very first injury. (I had been dancing since age 7.) It was a unique time. New York City had become the international destination for post-modern dance. And performance was burgeoning everywhere in downtown Manhattan! I knew I was in the right place. Yet, I found myself swallowed up by hopelessness and despair.


I hobbled over to the healing arts as an injured dancer, immobilized by back pain. After consulting MD’s, I was told to stop moving…impossible! Luckily, my dancer friends led me to the Alexander Technique and to the only aromatherapist in NYC. This was before anyone had heard of authentic, pure, essential oils state-side, let alone their treatment potential. But for me, these two modalities felt right from the very moment I experienced them and, thankfully, they saved my life.  


After healing my back pain I returned to my artistic life but this time with eyes wide open. The mystery of my injury had been revealed by the Alexander Technique while essential oils were improving my sleep, my terribly sensitive skin and even my depression. Initially, these new passions grew together while my dancing held center stage.


How is it that nobody noticed my body misuse habits while I was training as a dancer? And why are so many drawn to the scent of essential oils yet missing out on the more profound health benefits of nature's most concentrated  extract. These questions compelled me to go deeper. I decided to train to help others experience the transformation I knew was possible. Eventually, I was compelled to start H. Gillerman Organics® to offer more effective, organic solutions for my stressed out clients. I launched my line of H. Gillerman Organics® remedies in 2008.


To become a professional Alexander Technique Teacher I trained for over a decade under the tutelage some of the top teachers, including those trained by the founder, himself! I went on to study holistic aromatherapy from a world-renowned acupuncturist and Daoist Monk. At first, my private practice consisted of working with actors, dancers, singers and musicians. I expanded to working with anyone dealing with pain and limited movement. It was then I saw just how much our sophisticated IT devices were consistently outpacing our body knowledge. With so much change, if we forget about our bodies as we sit for hours, we can end up in trouble sooner than we could ever imagine. 


Being in touch with the BREATH and the BODY to feel grounded.
Exploring SOMATIC & SENSORY practices, like the Alexander Technique & Aromatic Healing. 
Integrating these practices with a meditation practice or a fitness routine or with physical therapy or wellness program. 



Private Practice

Maintained a private practice for 35 years in NYC, Los Angeles and now Providence RI. An essential oil expert and holistic healer, Hope has contributed to numerous publications and is on the advisory board of New Beauty Magazine and  

Faculty positions Include

Theater Division at Boston University, Harvard University ART Graduate Theater Program, National Theater Institute Eugene O'Neil Theater Center, Alexander Technique Professional Training Programs, Ruth Kilroy, Caren Bayer.

Corporate Wellness Trainings include

Frederick Fekkai & Co., Organic Spa Magazine, New Beauty Magazine,, Four Seasons Resorts, Montage Hotels, Spa Nalai at Park Hyatt NYC, Mohonk Mountain House Resort & Spa.

Certifications include

American Society for the Alexander Technique, M.AmSTAT, Judith Liebowitz, The Ambrosia Institute,TCM & Aromatherapy, Jeffrey Yuen L.Ac., Tisserand Institute, Essential Oil Safety, Robert Tisserand.

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