Set of four blends

More than the natural way to scent your home/office, these healing blends clear the air, focus your mind, support your immune system, help you sleep and invite others into your space.Try them in your diffuser or just inhale a few drops from a tissue or natural fiber cloth. They work synergistically with your Remedies so you can layer.  

Packaged in a hand-dyed, organic cotton envelope dyed with reclaimed temple-blessed marigold petals offered to Ganesha the remover of obstacles and protector from evil.Carry your diffuser with your crystals for on-the-spot soothing inhalations. Pop in you lip balm. Reuse as a pouch for stowing jewelry or to carry your CC’s. You can tap a few drops on the envelope and inhale the oil from the organic cloth to remind you of Ganesha’s presence.



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