Essential oils can help you dissipate agitation or stress so the moment feels beautiful and available again. Organic, luxurious and delicately nuanced, this diffuser oil infuses your personal space with mood enhancing, aromatic vapors. The key oils are bergamot, a mood boosting super-oil, Vetiver to dissipate anxiety and Lavender to relax.

How to Use: Diffuse at your workspace or chill-space for up to an hour at a time. This blend works synergistically with Stress Remedy inhalations. So boost the effects, keep your diffuser close and inhale slowly and gently 5 times, watching your breath and repeating a mantra like I AM PEACE.

Packaged in a hand-dyed, organic cotton envelope dyed with reclaimed temple-blessed marigold petals offered to Ganesha the remover of obstacles and protector from evil.Carry your diffuser with your crystals for on-the-spot soothing inhalations. Pop in youR lip balm. Reuse the canvas envelop pouch for stowing jewelry or to carry your CC’s. You can tap a few drops on the envelope and inhale the oil from the organic cloth to remind you of Ganesha’s presence.

5 ml glass eurodropper  (Hope recommends this affordable, easy to maintain diffuser with intermittent settings)



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