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Use this essential oil blend during and after traveling for jet lag to adjust  easily to temperature, climate or time-zone shifts. This balancing blend also reduces discomfort associated with sitting too long or fluid retention. The lemon-balm scent is both grounding and refreshing, keeping you awake but calm.

H. Gillerman Organic Travel Remedy's lemon-scented essential oils soothe achey, cramp-y, airplane muscles with just a roll on the neck or a capful in the tub before, during, and after your trip. Ahhhhhh. INTO THE GLOSS. [Celebrity stylist and editors call out Travel Remedy for the help with their travel woes in MARIE CLAIRE, VOGUE, COSMOPOLITAN, ORGANIC SPA MAGAZINES].


1 oz Roller ball

1 oz. certified-organic essential oils blended with certified-organic, extra virgin olive oil in a glass bottle with drip-proof roller ball applicator to target a specific area.

Jet-lagged? Day light savings bothering you?

My balancing blend helps reset your body clock. With a lemon balm scent, this blend is useful during seasonal changes or damp, cold weather. Antibacterial, anti-fungal & anti-viral action offer immune support.

TIP: Did You Know? There is a way to be more comfortable in-flight.
Rest your forearms on a pillow or rolled up jacket on your lap. Use Travel Remedy to keep legs feeling light after long hours of sitting.

TIP: Long hours of sitting at the computer can give legs tired feeling - use Travel Remedy in the AM when you anticipate long hours sitting.

- Hope Gillerman, founder/formulator

FOR MORE TIPS, QUESTIONS & BEST PRACTICES, book a personalized, aromatherapy coaching session with Hope.

Unrefined, certified-organic extra virgin olive oil (Olea europaea L.); certified-essential oils of may chang (Litsea Cubeba, lavender (Lavandula Augustifolia), wild-crafted palmarosa (Cymbopogon martinii Roxb. var. Martinii), certified-organic blood orange (citrus sinensis L.), atlas cedar (Cedars Atlantic G. Manetti), bigarade petitgrain (citrus x aurantium L.), wintergreen (Gaultheria fragrantissima); Non-GMO Vitamin E (mixed tocopherols)

- USE THE ROLLER BALL with light pressure to apply on tired legs. Use strong pressure to release the stress points. As an alternate, easily pop the roller ball applicator off for a detoxifying bath after travel or anytime after sitting too long. Pour 1/2 tsp into running bath and disperse.
- STORE out of reach of babies, children and animals. Refrigerate, when taking a break from use, to preserve potency for up to 12 months from opening.
- SAFETY: For external use only. Not for consumption, or for newborns or infants or for use during pregnancy. Avoid contact with eye area and nasal passages. Discontinue if irritation develops.
- ALWAYS DILUTE further when using for children, the elderly and those with an illness.
- FOR MORE TIPS, QUESTIONS & BEST PRACTICES, book a personalized, aromatherapy coaching session with Hope.

Customer Reviews

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Customer review

I never travel without this and travel is my profession. It is the perfect blend to keep you balanced during road trips or long flights. I even use it on my kids. They love the way it smells and it makes everyone feel a little more calm and happy. Last weekend, I had a six-hour drive. When my room wasn't ready, I applied the travel remedy and headed to the spa. Just a few minutes in the steam room with your blend set me right. Thank you!

Customer review

I saw this listed as a "must have" for travel. With a few flights booked for various wedding activities, I knew I would need all the help I could get so I didn't look inflamed in photos and to keep my energy high. As a bonus: this helped to prevent those bugs you seem to catch when you're in the air. Planes aren't exactly the cleanest. On a recent bi-coastal trip, I used this before, during and after my flight pretty religiously. People on the plane were asking about the scent because it was so calming and clean. Roller ball worked perfectly with no mess. Had no jet lag the next day and even went for a run! Thank you!

Hope Gillerman
Customer review

For seasonal shifts & jet lag (it works!). another use: massage into chest & shoulders before morning shower. It smells unreal- lovely way to start the day. “...not just placebo-ing. You're using a perfect oil to support the immune system & ward off cold and flu this time of year! Litsea, the lemony oil, is an important oil when you get sick during seasonal change or damp, cold weather. Also it's antibacterial, anti-fungal & anti-viral for super immune support.

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