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essential oils for change of season: summer to fall

essential oils for change of season: summer to fall

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As the weather changes and summer fun seems weeks away, it is easy to feel some stress or pick up a bug. Less daylight and a longer to-do list can take their toll and before you know it you are down for a couple of days. At the first sign of feeling achy or under the weather, I do my fall routine –

My fall routine boosts the immune system and energy level, clears out any lingering sluggish, or bloated feeling caused by hot/heavy weather and helps my body rebalance for the seasons change.

Four days of CHEST REMEDY full-body treatment followed by four days of  TRAVEL REMEDY full-body treatment. A  full-body treatment entails:

  • scrubbing my body gently with a loofah in the shower,

  • follow with a full-body application of the essential oil remedy on towel- dried skin.

  • try an alternate method  - pop off the cap and pour ½ teaspoon of remedy in drawn bath for super hydrotherapy.

There are many ways to make slight alterations in your diet that are moderate yet effective if you are not feeling up to par this fall. It doesn’t take a starvation, extremist or restrictive diet to feel the benefits of changing your routine. A simple way to do this is pick one type of food that you think is dragging down your sense of wellness–like processed sugar, too much meat, or cheese–and take a break from it while you give your body a cleanse with essential oils.

Essential oils move through your body in 4-5 hours. When they are excreted, they pull toxins out with them, provided you are drinking water after each application. Some work more on the liver, some on the lungs and others on the kidney. To use Chinese Medicine concepts, they nurture and boost your qi –also known as your life force. You will feel the difference.


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