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using essential oils throughout your day

using essential oils throughout your day

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Here's some easy ways to use essential oils through out your day for more energy, productivity and peace of mind.

Wake up your breathing muscles and open breathing passages to begin your day with deeper, freer breathing. This reves your system for a productive day with more energy, better focus and less stress. Eucalyptus is the essential oil for inspiration, a great way to start your day or begin a new project.  START YOUR DAY WITH A DOSE OF INSPIRATION
Apply a drop of Eucalyptus or Pure Breathing SINUS REMEDY on fingertip and apply inside your nose and step into the shower for an at-home spa experience. Feel the inhalations go deeper into your lungs. Stretch your arms over head and lift the shoulders and lean side to side to stretch breathing muscles. Maintain deep breathing throughout your day or when ever you notice your energy dropping.

Keeping your cool under pressure is what Lavender essential oil is all about. Essential oils that come from the peel of citrus fruits like blood orange and tangerine keep you enthused without over-stimulating. Feeling overwhelmed? Sandalwood essential oil helps us take a breath and prioritize. True Relaxation STRESS Remedy contains all these oils to stay chill-axed throughout your day. Apply a drop on each temple and in between eyebrows and follow with a facial massage for a dyi wrinkle reducer:  1)starting on inside edge of eyebrows, squeeze them between index finger and thumb. 2) run the tip of your index fingers from space between the eyebrows, along the tops of the eyebrows, to your temples, repeat 4 x's. 3) smile a wide smile with forehead relaxed for a count of ten. Feel the chill!

Did you know that slumping actually makes you more tired? Better than coffee, peppermint essential oil, or Clear Mind TENSION Remedy, applied on your neck is the quickest way to relax your neck and lift your energy for a more erect, alert sitting style. While looking down, tap two drops from a dropper botttle on the back of your neck - don't touch with fingers tips. In a few minutes you will feel the stimulating effect of the oil on your skin. Adjust sitting by moving to the front of your chair seat, finding your two sitting bones and making sure you are perched on top of them, not slump behind them. Keep the back of your neck long, spine stretched tall and shoulders relaxed for perfect poise while you work and you will ward off headaches as well!

Sticking to your workout routine can be tough when muscles are sore and stiff. Always stretch AFTER your workout to build long, supple muscles. Essential oils like Basil, Vetiver and Birch can be applied at night on tired, sore muscles to help your body stay flexible and clear out the lactic acid that causes soreness. To wake up ready for another full workout, mix a few drops of one of these oils with your body lotion or body oil and apply on areas where muscles feel tired or tense. True Relaxation MUSCLE Remedy, an already-mixed format, comes in a convenient roll-on bottle that works wonders and goes where you need it.

To sleep well you need to slow down before bed-time. Since baths trigger sleep hormones, steeping in tub with sedating German Chamomile will do it. Or - make your night-time cleansing ritual a way to prepare for a deeper nights sleep. When applying your moisturizer, massage jaw muscles to help your whole body relax. Separate your bottom molars from your top molars and relax tongue off the roof of your mouth. Place the heels of each hand on your cheekbones, in front of your ears. Pressing into the jaw muscles draw the heal of your hand straight down to edge of you jaw and then forward along your jaw line to your chin. Repeat four times. Clear Mind JAW Clenching Remedy doles out a potent dose of German Chamomile for your bath and doubles as an anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory facial massage oil. Avoid exercise, eating, or reading suspenseful literature before bed.

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