This blend helps you find the composure to make thoughtful choices, so your day can flow smoothly. The serene lavender/citrus/woodsy scent soothes
your senses.

Did You Know?
The way you carry your bag or hold the steering
wheel has an effect on your stress level throughout
the day. See poster-sized insert for more relaxation tips.


100% USDA-certified-organic essential oils of Lavender, Lavandin Grosso, Vetiver, Red Mandarin, Tangerine, Sandalwood, Blood Orange, Clary Sage.

8ml dropper bottle


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  1. Hope Gillerman (verified owner)

    A wonderful review that came via our e-mail this morning: “Not only is Hope Gillerman’s Stress Remedy an integral part of my decompression and self-care rituals, it also doubles as my scent. I wear a dab on my wrists and neck as a daily reminder to stay calm and mindful. Without fail, people stop me in restaurants and coffee shops to gush over my “perfume” and ask me what I’m wearing.”-Nicola Spunt Thank you for such a WONDERFUL review!

  2. alexandra

    It is because of Hope Gillerman that I have begun to explore the Alexander Technique for my personal sciatica issues. Along with the help of homeopathy, this oil is extraordinary. I like that all of Hope’s oils are 100% organic. And I truly enjoy this blend. Too often a lavender-only oil can be too pungent for my nose to use throughout the day. I, too, dab it on my wrists as I feel that is a wonderful pressure point for my stressful lifestyle. A few deep breaths with this oil on my wrists and I begin to feel collected. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  3. Melissa

    This stuff is amazing. I suffer from anxiety and like most look for holistic approaches to ease my anxiety. This oil is wonderful. The smell is so calming without being overbearing. I don’t use it every day however when I do use it I put a little on my pressure points and instantly feel better with a deep breath.

  4. Dorota Anderson

    I smelled it on a friend, loved it even more the name of it :).
    I’m looking forward to using it.

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