For strains and injuries to heal, muscles need to relax.
Use this blend to help you break the cycle of tension and pain. This warm, spicy scent builds your resolve to heal. 

Did You Know?
When your neck is tense, all your muscles contract slightly. Use this blend in the morning to start the relaxed and alert. See poster-sized insert for more relaxation tips.


Unrefined, extra virgin olive oil*; essential oils of Lavender*, Sweet Basil*, Vetiver *,Birch†, Clary Sage*, Litsea Cubeba†; Non-GMO Vitamin E, essential oil of Spearmint*.

*certified organic, †wild-crafted


1 fl oz roller bottle


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  1. Marisol

    I live in nyc, you can imagine the chaos and noise everyday, and I experienced this muscle remedy oil essentials during a yoga class designed for women. As we lay down with an eye pillow, we closed our eyes and imagined relaxing visions, and without us knowing as we inhaled deeply, our yoga teacher opened her “true relaxation” bottle and let us smell it (without us knowing). I opened my eyes and asked right away, “what was that smell?” It was a bliss and I knew right away what had truly calmed me…

  2. Geri Lynn

    A friend of mine told me about muscle remedy. She was taking a dance class and used it on her muscles in her legs and loved it! I use it for the tight muscles I get in my neck. I love the way it smells and my neck feels better within minutes!

  3. Fred DeVito (verified owner)

    As a fitness professional + Thai Massage therapist, I have found the Muscle Remedy blend to be highly effective for pain relief. The easy roll on application and wonderful scent from the blend of essential oils makes this product a staple for me and a lot of my students + clients.

  4. Simone Federman

    I have MS and suffer from chronic nerve pain in my back. I rub on and massage in muscle remedy every morning and every night before bed. I wouldn’t get through the day or sleep through the night without it. It is hard to believe just how well it works for me.

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