New! PURE BREATHING Remedy Diffuser Oil with Companion Eco-Silk

Purify your air for a more enlivening breath and a sharper mind with this luxurious gift set. 

Essential oils can penetrate into your brain to clear brain fog. They can disperse into your room so your air is more breathable and healthy. 

: Included with this artisanal blend for on-the-spot soothing inhalations. Tap a few drops on the silk square and inhale as you call forth your self-healing intention.

HGO founder, Hope Gillerman is collaborating with a fabric designer and her group of women artisans in Mumbai, India to create beautiful silks for her new diffuser blends and undiluted remedies. After re-claiming marigold flowers and roses from Hindu offerings to their beloved god Ganesha (the Lord of Good Fortune and remover of Obstacles), the artisans place the flower petals on the clean silk in a random design. As they steam the pigment into the fabric traces of the essential oils are transferred. The profile of the petals makes up the unique design. You will see this petal design clearly on your re-useable, organic, cotton diffuser-oil pouch. The artisans enrich the silk designs with pigment from powdered ayurvedic herbs and natural indigo.

INGREDIENTS: 100% essential oils: certified organic Grapefruit, Silver Fir, Hyssop Decumbens, Cardamom and Bergamot.

HOW TO USE in your diffuser: For your workspace or home diffuse for up to an hour at a time. This blend works synergistically with Tension Remedy applied on the back of the neck. To boost the effects, keep your diffuser close and inhale slowly and gently 5 times, watching your breath and repeating a mantra like “I AM HEALTHY AND STRONG.” — HGO Invites you to reuse the canvas pouch for stowing your crystals or jewelry, your lip balm, your pens, your readers etc.

5 ml dropper + 10″x10″ hand-dyed eco-silk cloth + 6″x3″ organic cotton hand-dyed fold-over pouch


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