A blend of forest essential oils in a base of extra virgin organic olive oil to help you with sore muscles, breathing and fatigue. The recyclable, drip-proof, roller ball applicator works to help you target your area of need. Then, pop the roller ball off and pour in your bath!

Deeper breathing rebuilds your energy reserves. When your breathing cycle is complete, you feel invigorated and recharged. Wake up with the comforting, deep-woods scent. You are going to want this remedy at hand during the fall, winter and spring.

Did You Know?
To get the deepest inhale, you first have to exhale completely. The poster-sized insert includes more helpful breathing tips.


Unrefined, certified organic extra virgin olive oil; certified organic essential oils of Silver Fir, Black Spruce, Pine, Cypress, Atlas Cedar, Cardamom and Non-GMO Vitamin E.

1 fl. oz roller bottle,$50


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  1. Samantha

    I have this and Stress Remedy. I’ve used Sinus Remedy before and I loved it as well. But this just invigorates to no end. It smells like a forest in winter or walking into a Christmas tree lot. It opens up my passages and helps me to breathe deeper and more fully. I put this on my chest and wrists. It’s soothing and stimulating at the same time. I love it.

    • Hope Gillerman (verified owner)

      Thank you Samantha! So glad you have put Chest and Sinus Remedy together! You can also freshen your air and get more clarity with a delicate blend of hyssop and grapefruit in my Pure Breathing Diffuser Oil. I include an eco-silk cloth for inhaling and scenting your space in lieu of a diffuser. xo Hope

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