super duper easy way to prep your immune system for winter

Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 4.33.10 PMSUPER DUPER EASY ENERGY BOOSTER PLAN
In the cold, damp weather of fall, as you pray that your immune system will hold up until spring, your body craves essential oils that are warming, drying and decongesting. That would be Pure Breathing Sinus Remedy and Chest Remedy. Help your body transition from into cold and flue season and pick up your pace with a three-day essential oil morning ritual (no juices necessary). This three-day plan will boost your energy and deepen your breathing for clearer thoughts, increase mental stamina and you will feel slimmer! Here’s how:

Each morning:
1) Roll Pure Breathing Chest Remedy on neck, shoulders, chest. Smooth into skin, stand in hot shower and inhale deeply.
2) Scrub legs and lower back with natural loofa or skin brush.
3) After shower, roll Chest Remedy on Legs in 5 stripes from ankle to hip and smooth in.
4) Roll on lower back/adrenal/kidney area.
5) Apply a drop of Pure Breathing Sinus Remedy in your nose and drink a hot cup of lemon tea before breakfast.
5) Repeat for two more mornings
6) Be sure to drink plenty of water, stay away from dairy and white foods and reduce your portion size for three days.

and if you already feel your are coming down with something: OMIT THE LOOFAH SCRUB, COVER YOUR WHOLE BODY WITH CHEST AND STEP IN THE SHOWER OR BETTER…SOAK IN A TUB AND GET REALLY WARM AND RELAXED and rest a little first before going out into the cold. Or if you are taking a sick day…get right into bed after the bath. And use Sinus Remedy 5 x a day by placing a drop in nostrils and on neck when glands feel swollen.