stretching 101: easy stretches in the morning

Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 4.27.10 PMSTRETCHING IN THE FALL
This time of year can be tricky. Your body is looser from the warmer weather and a slower pace. But switching back to your usual workout routine can cause old injuries to flare up or cause new ones. Why? The colder, damp weather of fall, will cause joints to tighten and you may not notice your body isn’t quite up to par. So take your time getting your body back into the norm and add a little stretching every day.  


  • Find a comfortable place in your apartment to lie on the floor, and keep it free and clear so you don’t waste time setting up.
  • Stretch after your shower when muscles are heated up.
  • Ten minutes of stretching while lying down will do.
  • Stretch slowly and gently as you gradually wake up. Don’t compete with yourself. Focus on relaxing the muscles and letting them slowly ease, instead of vigorously pulling or pushing. Imagine your muscles are elastic bands getting longer, longer, longer!
  • If you muscles feel stubborn, stretch at the end of the day instead, your body will be looser.
  • Stretching, as a singular focus is meditative and calming but if you thrive on multi-tasking, stretch while catching up on news or favorite show.

An arsenal of roll-on H. Gillerman Organics remedy body oils can help your muscles ease into the season change

  • True Relaxation Muscle Remedy: for sprains, strains, minor injuries, low back pain and cramps. This blend will warm and relax your muscles before and after workout and help you enjoy being outdoors.
  • Pure Breathing Chest Remedy: This blend will ease discomfort if you are having trouble shaking off the aches and pains due to cold or flu, or if you are feeling depleted.
  • Natural Rest Travel Remedy: A must when you travel for any sprains or pulls you get en route, and to improve circulation in your legs after long periods of sitting or standing. It makes you feel lighter and combats jet lag.
  • Clear Mind Jaw Clenching Remedy: for facial tension (not good for wrinkles and TMJ) and all-over body tension caused by periods of intense stress. This blend will help you slow down and ease your mind while muscle tension melts away.

Roll on to affected area, smooth in the skin as you would a lotion. Use the roller ball to apply pressure to tight spots.

To increase the affect of each roll-on remedy, apply a few drops of Clear Mind Tension Remedy on top of the body oil and spread over affected area.

Now that you’re becoming more active, we’d like to help your muscles transition from winter to spring. The problem with cold winter months is we don’t move enough. Our bodies get out of shape and cold makes us stiff — a set up for minor injuries. When your body feels tight it is like wearing clothes or shoes that are too small – STRETCH.