Essential oils to focus the mind

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The true aim of taking reins of our holistic regimes is to create change where it counts, and not get overwhelmed by the Shoulds and should Nots.

Essential Oils have always been the perfect catalyst, enhancing our sense of smell, our sensory awareness, and the perfect starting point that can clue us into what our bodies need.

One of the things that happens immediately when interacting with Essential Oils is that the particles travel through your blood directly into your brain through the brain blood barrier affecting the Limbic Brain. Not only do they help regulate emotions and our autonomic nervous system-the balancing mechanism of our bodies, but they also help regulate the stress hormone Cortisol, our blood sugar and so much more.

Instead of being overwhelmed, you can think of these oils as aides in your pocket, using them daily to catalyze our senses, and to reawaken our body awareness to help us seek out scents, foods, and environments that are healthier for us in the long-run.

Just like with our culinary palate, once you readjust to what feels good, you will naturally gravitate towards scents that create balance and well-being – an instinctual prerogative of the body!



True, they can clear the mind, remove distractions, ease anxiety, pain, excess tension, the inability to manage stress. The list is impressive.  Did you know they also stimulate the brain thus supporting brain function, and they are one of the most sophisticated brain foods around. By clearing out congestion in your sinuses, Essential Oils lift brain fog, as congested sinuses are often the main cause of cloudy focus.



Meant to deal with two ends of the mental fatigue spectrum, our clear mind Tension Remedy and clear mind Jaw Clenching Remedy work together throughout the day.

When your mind is overworked and overburdened, especially at night, a great way to address that is by using clear mind Jaw Clenching Remedy to stop your teeth from grinding. Most of us do it, and certainly most of us lock up our facial muscles as we try to process too much by “chewing on our thoughts” sort of speak. The anxiety that hovers below the surface is addressed by the German Chamomile and the Vetiver in my blend. The pain and inflammation that results from jaw clenching is addressed by Lavender and Palmarosa.

For headaches and brain fatigue, clear mind Tension Remedy is perfect for relaxing the neck’s muscles. Peppermint has the ability to open up the senses and awaken the mind without the many adverse effects of stimulants like caffeine.



Anytime your brain feels over-taxed, use clear mind Tension Remedy on the back of your neck. It can be used many times a day, and the Peppermint in the blend is instantly stimulating.

Here is a perfect indictor: when you’re sitting at the computer working on a piece of writing, or refining a visual image, perhaps trying to get that e-mail out and you’re just not getting the results you want, that’s when you want Tension Remedy.

Mental focus for your creativity, productivity, and for the quality of what you do is essential. Looking at your sleep patterns, making sure that you’re well-hydrated and fed, all of these play a crucial role in focus.  Instead of feeling overwhelmed by this check list just start with an Essential Oils as your aide and discover how you are on your to making that small but critical change. Essential oils are here to help-naturally. You will feel the difference.