Diffusing essential oils is the natural way to scent your home/office to clear the air, focus your mind, support your immune system, help you sleep and make the bedroom more sensual. My remedy diffuser oils are organic, balanced blends that get you there!

Here are the basics

1. First, don’t use diffusers that heat up essential oils as they alter the chemistry and degrade the efficacy of H. Gillerman Organics Remedy Diffuser oils. 

2. What type of diffuser do you want?  I recommend the Ultrasonic type (pictured is top of the line diffuser includes a remote, from the @PIlgrimCollection) because it dilutes the oils in water – the easiest, gentlest way to diffuse. Clean up is a snap and you need only 3-8 drops of essential oils and you can switch out between different blends easily. (do every couple of days)  These types of diffusers come in all shapes and sizes but each has has a plastic reservoir.

3. If you don’t want plastic, get a nebulizing diffuser which has a glass reservoir, works fast (5 minutes) and puts out a lot of aromatics and gives a nice therapeutic punch. But! Nebulizers are difficult to clean, use more essential oils and make it hard to switch blends. Personally, I have a bunch of them and assign each a blend so I don’t have to switch out oils. 

4. Since this is the safest way to scent your home naturally and breathe in essential oils, feel free to use around your kids, when you are down with a cold or flu and before you go sleep – not during .

5. Set up: add distilled water to the “fill line” – or less – then add a few drops of your H. Gillerman Organics remedy diffuser oil. Set someplace that is away from cats and babies under a year old.  run 

6. There are different settings: constant vs intermittent – choose the later for up to an hour or constant for no more than 30 minutes. 

7. If you add more drops, the scent and the therapeutic effect will be stronger – so you may need less time running your device. 

8. For more on scenting your home naturally and I have a whole Chapter on it in my book “Essential Oils Every Day”, www.harpercollins.com

sandalwood oil to avoid burnout

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Recently, Prevention Magazine asked me about the epidemic of feeling run down and  to offer up a few tips on how to avoid burnout using essential oils.  One luxurious, sensual oil I recommend is Sandalwood—a fantastic stress-relieving agent, which is why I use it in my true relaxation STRESS REMEDY, included in the H. Gillerman Organics Remedy Pack – an all-in-one way to carry around stress relief. Here’s how Sandalwood works.


using essential oils throughout your day

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Here’s some easy ways to use essential oils through out your day for more energy, productivity and peace of mind.

Wake up your breathing muscles and open breathing passages to begin your day with deeper, freer breathing. This reves your system for a productive day with more energy, better focus and less stress. Eucalyptus is the essential oil for inspiration, a great way to start your day or begin a new project.   (more…)

sleep better with essential oils

By simply smelling/inhaling lavender will reduce the stress hormone, cortisol, in your blood stream and protect your body from oxidative stress. Lavender has even been tested out in intensive care units as a way to reduce stress. The efficacy of Lavender as a sleep aide and treatment for sleep disorders, BUT THE LATEST RESEARCH SHOWS that Lavandin (the key ingredient in Natural Rest Sleep Remedy) has the strongest sedating effect! (more…)

stretching 101: easy stretches in the morning

Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 4.27.10 PMSTRETCHING IN THE FALL
This time of year can be tricky. Your body is looser from the warmer weather and a slower pace. But switching back to your usual workout routine can cause old injuries to flare up or cause new ones. Why? The colder, damp weather of fall, will cause joints to tighten and you may not notice your body isn’t quite up to par. So take your time getting your body back into the norm and add a little stretching every day.   (more…)