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This award season, Nailing Hollywood nail artists are using H. Gillerman Organics essential oil remedies to green their treatments and relax their celebrity clients.

Celebrity (Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, Ke$ha, Demi Lovato) nail artist Steph Stone of Nailing Hollywood, got the Haim Sisters Band(Alana Mychal Haim @BabyHaim pictured left) ready for the red carpet at the Grammy’s 2015. ”When starting all my manicures, especially during awards season, I always start with an H. Gillerman Organics essential oil hand treatment,” says Stone. “Since awards season can be anxiety-inducing, a little aromatherapy can really help bring relaxation and set the tone for the rest of the day.”

I recommend Sleep Remedy to get a good nights rest before any big day and then follow Steph’s suggestion- apply your H. Gillerman Organics roll-on remedy of choice on wrists and back of hands, smooth in all over and then cup your hands over your face to breathe in the hormone balancing, mood-shiting, brain adjusting vapors.

Miley Cyrus on SLEEP REMEDY


Leah w: Muscle+Tension


Gone are the days where choking on polish remover and struggling to keep your hands from cracking while chemical overload is stressing you out. With 5-free polish and H. Gillerman Organics Remedies – your nails and skin can be healthy and stylish while your stress level drops back into chill mode.

Celebrity nail stylists Jenna Hipp  with a line of green nail kits in her name at Costco and co-founder of Nailing Hollywood agency has shared her collection of H. Gillerman Organics remedies with her of top nail artists: Steph Stone, Madeliene Poole, Karen Gutierrez, Debbie Leavitt and Whitney Gibbs as they work with their top tier clients, including Leah Michelle, Jennifer Lawrence, Rosie Huntington-Whitley, Drew Barrymore, Cindy Crawford and Michelle Williams. 


Here’s how Jenna recently got Lea Michelle ready for the Golden Globes using True Relaxation Muscle Remedy:

It’s always like a family reunion every time I work with Lea because she’s been using the same team for so many years. She’s literally the most loyal person I have ever met, and I admire that quality in her so much. After greeting us all with massive bear hugs and her winning smile, I started her session by applying @HopeGillerman #MuscleRemedy on palms and bottoms of her feet to calm the senses and boost circulation. 

and a finish with  Clear Mind Tension Remedy:

I finished up by…offering a drop of TensionRemedy on palms on the way out the door. 

 And here’s how Jenna uses Natural Rest Travel Remedy for Jet-lag and Travel-ease.

The only beauty products I needed this vacation …. H. Gillerman Organics TravelRemedy was my daily perfume along with a plumeria flower in my left ear. I’m convinced the ritual prevented jet-lag and my usual case of swollen “flightfeet.” I just rolled a little on the back of my neck and behind my knees every morning and evening for a constant feeling of calm + alert.