Use to reduce neck tension and mental fatigue. If you

lead a busy, active life, this blend belongs with you
wherever you go. The immediacy of the minty scent
gives a tingling sensation.

Did You Know?
The way you watch TV or read in bed can give you
a headache? See poster-sized insert for a simple
meditation exercise that helps you relax and clear
your mind.


100% USDA certified, organic essential oils of Lavandin Grosso, Peppermint.

8ml dropper bottle
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  1. (verified owner):

    When I purchased the Travel Remedy, I explored other oils as well to find one best suited for me. Well, after reading the description of this oil in particular, if fit me to a T. Unfortunately, I’m a pretty tensed out gal right now. I work out nearly 7 days a week, and my current transition-position as a server at night has me on my feet constantly in a fast-paced environment. As soon as I placed a few drops where I needed to feel calm and relaxed, I did. The oil worked immediately and helped to relieve some of the tension I was feeling. Great scent that you can actually wear during the day and out in public without people noticing any harsh or abrasive mint. Also great as a few drops before bed to really ease into relaxation. Well done!

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