Jaw clenching is a habit that takes mindfulness to change. And we can’t change habits while we are sleeping. Even if poor sleep and jaw clenching are wrecking havoc on your health (causing facial pain, tooth cracking, headaches, even dizziness) essential oils can help with the discomfort. This deeply grounding, sweet-earthy blend helps you relax your neck and grinding muscles. The more you relax at night, the more relaxed you can be during the day and the more you will feel what you are doing wrong… so you can do something about it!

Five powerful essential oils blended with olive oil in a glass bottle with drip-proof roller ball applicator to target right where you clench and the temporomandibular joint  (infront of your ear canal). 100% organic essential oils. Use the accompanying Natural Rest Remedy Diffuser oil to help you relax and sleep deeper.

How do I know I am clenching?
If your teeth are touching, you’ are clenching your jaw and you may be grinding at night. After pressing this roller ball blend  into tight, painful spots, try yawning to stretch your muscles and mediation to calm your thoughts. Soon you will be relaxing your jaw during the day.


Jaw Clenching Remedy – Unrefined extra virgin olive oil*; essential oils of Lavender*, Palmarosa†, Vetiver*, German Chamomile*; Non-GMO Vitamin E, essential oil of Patchouli*. *certified organic, †wild-crafted
1 fl oz roller bottle

Natural Rest Remedy diffuser oil – certified organic lavandin super, sweet orange oil, tangerine, clary sage, rose and spikenard
3ml Dropper bottle



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  1. Jane

    I’m recovering from a head injury that knocked my jaw out of alignment. As a result of this, I now grind my jaw–so much so I have wrinkles around my mouth. Bah!

    I ordered Jaw Clenching Remedy on a whim, not really holding out much hope. But I’ve healing with Chinese Medicine and was drawn to Hope Gillerman’s appreciation for and mastery of these same arts.

    It’s been about two weeks now and I’m happy to report that not only does the oil smell heavenly there’s a definite softening of the tension in my jaw.
    Not only that, but I just noticed that the lines around my mouth are also starting to soften!

    My guess is that due to circumstances I’m a tougher case than most so if I can already feel improvement, I think others will too. I’m so grateful to Hope for creating such loving and gorgeous products. Any sort of relief from the clenching is quite a gift!

  2. Teresa

    I love this stuff and I don’t even clench my jaws!
    It smells heavenly and also doesn’t bother my super-sensitive (Eczema) Skin.
    After it’s absorbed into the skin there is this hint of a wild-flower bouquet around me, which is really great – especially in situations when the smell around me is not so great (think: NYC summer day. subway. plane.).
    I’ll just apply it on my wrists and it really picks me up.
    Not to mention the great Costumer Service I experienced when I was having trouble ordering Online.

  3. Kadri

    I had a friend bring me a bottle solely based on the description of the ingredients and someone mentioning on a blog that they used it as a perfume, and without fail, every time I’ve worn it, I’ve been complimented on my scent when hugging someone. And, of course, the fact that it’s not just “perfume”, but actually has a function makes the product even more perfect!

  4. Julia

    I’ve recently been experiencing really terrible headaches and random toothaches from jaw tension. It wasn’t until I applied some of Hope Gillerman’s Clear Mind-Jaw Clenching Remedy that I felt instant relief… like magic.

  5. Jennifer Boysen

    I am a huge teeth grinder and I have always been a fan of H. Gillerman Organics Jaw Clenching remedy to help with the tightness and discomfort. On a whim, I recently layered Jaw Clenching remedy with Travel Remedy on my lower abdomen to treat menstrual cramping and it worked wonders. I applied several times through the day and it literally saved me. There was almost instant relief and relaxation in that area. This is my go-to from here on out!! Thank you!!

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